We are a technology agency with focus in enterprise custom development, integration, and design. Our philosophy is to encourage flexibility and innovation.

Engineers / Designers / Technologists

For over 25 Years Foundation X has grown and developed a client base completely by word of mouth.

We employ highly capable, diverse, and innovative individuals. We recognize all for thier efforts and contributions to the success of our clients, and the growth of our company. We all enthusiastically share in the success that they make possible.

Our clients include PremierLash, Western Governers University, Streamz Media, Mozaex, Link Soruce Management, Alpine Products VisualShare, Olive Tree Network, Quality Drywall Specialties, Larada Sciences, AAMG Finance, Omni Funding, QuillPro, Spectrum Salon, Spirit Aviation, Taylor Audio Visual, Top Gallant, Touchfon International, and many more.

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